In 2014, the monitor world has grown yet again with the addition of a brand new company and speaker. Experienced designer Graeme Bridge has joined forces with Richard Gerberg to form a new company, Modern Audio Design, in order to create their vision of what is lacking in today's market. With monitors changing almost to being strictly active, the Modern Audio Design team decided that designing another passive speaker was not the right move to make. Instead, Modern Audio Design used Graeme's specific knowledge of composite materials to develop a new high end composite drive unit that, when combined with his loudspeaker design, brought to life the new Modern Audio Design MAD-Max. Constructed with multiple levels of high grade MDF and dampened with panels to reduce resonance, the new MAD-Max will bring a higher level of performance to your studio space. The speaker's tweeter is a 27mm silk diaphragm, which features a neodymium magnet system, a low viscosity fero-fluid to cool the voice coil and an aluminum heat-sink for more power handling. As for the improved bass components, Modern Audio Design looked to Seas for a driver that will end up being used in all MAD gear. Seas have been designing and manufacturing loudspeaker drive units for over 50 years. The MAD-Max monitor features a Dynaweave composite cone with radial reinforcement and a NeoBase magnet system that results in premium performance via lowering distortion levels. With the MAD-Max as its starting point, Modern Audio Design looks to have an extremely promising future filled with years of monitor innovation. You can demo the MAD-Max at both of our Vintage King storefronts in Los Angeles and Nashville.