The MiniMain12 from Barefoot Sound is known as one of the best monitors in the pro audio world. Offering supremely accurate sounds, the monitor is a great fit for any studio that isn't worried about their budget. In order to offer incredible audio to studios of all shapes and sizes, Barefoot has stripped down its flagship monitor and created the brand new MicroMain45.

Offering quality sound with a much smaller price tag than the original monitor, the MicroMain 45 is a 3-way active monitor that uses the technology of the MiniMain12. Packed with the same driver technology, signal path and amplifier, the MicroMain 45 is capable of offering impeccable studio monitoring options. Additionally, the new monitor has been trimmed down to a slim 35+lbs. Weighing nearly a 100 lbs less than its predecessor, this monitor's size will be more manageable for tighter studio spaces.


With all the bare essentials of the MiniMain12 intact, the MicroMain45 gives sound engineers the resolution and translation that all Barefoot monitors are known to have. Featuring bass response of -3dB @ 40Hz, frequency response of 40Hz – 45 kHz (±3dB) and 53Hz - 40kHz (±1dB), these are the monitors for those who've always wanted Barefoots in their space.

Following in the footsteps of the MicroMain27, MicroMain35 and MiniMain12, Barefoot has once again created another fantastic set of studio monitors. True to their original vision of delivering well-designed monitors to smaller project studios, the MicroMain45 will make a welcome addition to any studios where premier sounding audio is needed.