Apogee Electronics' Ensemble studio interface set the audio world ablaze when it originally debuted in 2007, gaining accolades and awards like the TEC Award for Digital Audio Technology. Making the decision to improve their original design, Apogee has announced the release of the Ensemble Thunderbolt, which comes packed with Thunderbolt 2 technology, eight mic pres and upgraded monitor controller functionality.

Utilizing Thunderbolt 2 technology to improve speed and functionality, the Ensemble is groundbreaking in its ability to process the sounds that you are creating. The interface's driver has been rebuilt for the latest Mac OS, offering latency that has being reduced to 1.1ms round trip and the ability to significantly simplify workflow. The DMA engine is capable of reading audio data from your computer's memory, which puts less pressure on your computer, allowing you to run a large number of plug-ins and still work fluidly.


When it comes to top quality conversion and connectivity, the Ensemble features impeccable A/D and D/A conversion, along with an incredible array options for inputs and outputs. Apogee's new interface includes two front panel guitar I/O channels with Class A JFET inputs, 10 analog outputs, two monitor outputs, an additional eight lines out on a db25 connector and a built-in talkback microphone.

The Apogee Ensemble is packed with eight mic pres, which are capable of capturing distinct vocal and instrument tracks while keeping intact the sonic qualities of the original performance. Each mic pre can reach from 0 to 75 dB of gain, giving tracks a wide range of options from non-existent distortion to a colorful harmonic overdrive that is sure to sound great with guitars.

Apogee's Roger Robindore recently stopped into Vintage King Los Angeles and gave our team a preview of the Ensemble Thunderbolt. Check out this video and get the complete lowdown from Robert on Apogee's newest studio interface: