Antelope Audio has already made a big announcement today at AES 2014 with the release of three new audio devices. Offering the world its first glimpses at the MP32, Satori and Pure2, the Santa Monica-based company's new gear is designed to work cohesively within an innovative platform control panel that is extremely easy to use. Taking the Zen Studio another step forward, Antelope's MP32 is a 32-channel mic preamp that fits within the confines of only two rack spaces. Each unit features class-A preamps with phantom power, four Hi-Z instrument inputs and the whole system is run by a Mac and PC compatible control panel with remote. The MP32 is an ideal workstation for both studio and live spaces and configures perfectly with the Orion 32 for essential transparency and signal chain integrity.
Antelope Audio’s next big announcement at AES is the Pure2, a mastering grade 2-channel converter and master clock that reinvents the Eclipse 384. Offering amazing audio via an A/D converter, D/A converter and an impressive master clock, Antelope has made traversing the world of mastering an easier process. Thanks to the system's relay based attenuator, you'll always have first-class transparency and the pristine sound you deserve.
The final release from Antelope is the Satori High-End Monitoring Controller. This summing and monitoring system features an 8-channel analog summing mixer that can also be controlled through the new software control panel. The Satori features all of the ease of using digital, while still getting that classic analog sound. Additionally, the Satori's front faceplate makes it extremely easy to operate, offering up controls, lights and two headphone jacks for added ergonomic user benefit.