While both Reinhold Bogner and Jorg Dorschner were born in Germany, their random meeting, eventual friendship and decision to move to California would change their lives forever. Bogner moved to America in 1989, just two years before Dorschner, and began to cultivate a niche in the Los Angeles gear scene. This was the start of Bogner Amplification. Kicking off a new era of epic boutique amps, Bogner and Dorschner helped recreate the way that the general public looked at small-run amplifiers. Now, the duo is doing the same for the pedal game by introducing a new series of effects featuring transformers from Rupert Neve Designs. Inspired by the bold sound of his mixing consoles, these pedals offer rich tones with that classic Neve warmth and punch.
Harlow Offering boost with a twist, the Bogner Harlow is a unique take on a classic level pushing pedal. Built with a 100% analog circuit, the Harlow comes ready to blow other pedals out of the water with an impressive punch. The pedal's "Bloom" control knob adds a fuzzy flourish to its sound when the tone is pushed down, giving you a bit of compressed crunch.
Wessex Whether you're looking for clean distortion or something a little on the nastier side, the Bogner Wessex is capable of sounds that run the gamut of vintage to modern. Thanks to the 100% analog circuit and custom transformer via Rupert Neve, this pedal sounds good in normal mode and when pushed to Enchanced mode via a toggle switch. When clicked to this E position, your sound will feature extended bass and highs that are as sweet as candy.
Burnley Bogner's Burnley pedal will give players a wide array of distortion that ranges from mild gain to heavy hitting tones. Aside from distortion, another extremely prominent factor in the makeup of this pedal is its control of the overall tightness of your sound. Bogner's Fat/Tight switch allows you to chose between loose, hanging tones and more controlled, aggressive sounds.
In addition to the original Wessex, Burley and Harlow, Bogner has also created a unique faceplate version of each pedal called the Bubinga. This edition of the pedal features a faux wood faceplate that will remind vintage gear lovers everywhere of the mixing consoles of years gone-by.