While AES 2014 is in town, Vintage King will be hosting some exciting events at our Los Angeles storefront, including a unique collaboration with Telefunken Elektroakustik. Dubbed the "Telefunken Microphone Summit," Vintage King and Telefunken will be putting on a live tracking session showcasing some of the best gear from the microphone titan.

Taking place at Vintage King Los Angeles on Friday, October 10, the live session will feature a special guest band live tracking guitar, bass and drums. With Vintage King's mic locker and live tracking room capabilities, not only will the recordings be studio quality, but they will be available for download after the event is over.

What can you expect from Telefunken and Vintage King's mic selection? There will be a number of Telefunken mics on hand used for the live tracking process with the DD5 Dynamic Drum Pack being used for drums and the ELA M 260 for guitars. Telefunken will also be bringing along old favorites like the ELA M 251E, C12 and U47, in addition to newer mics like the AR-51, AK-47 MKII and CU-29.

In new gear announcements, Telefunken will be debuting their M60 small diaphragm FET mic at the recording session. While this new mic has been used in private by Steely Dan and on TV projects like The Following, the Vintage King and Telefunken party will be its exclusive debut to the public during AES 2014.

Ready to head to Vintage King Los Angeles for the Telefunken party? Be sure to sign up now, as there are a reserved amount of spaces for the event. All it takes is filling out the form below and we will see you on October 10 at 6PM.