Based in Albany, Oregon, Pettyjohn Electronics grew out of co-founder Stephen Pettyjohn's interest in bringing elements of the standard recording studio down to the guitar pedal level. After hooking up with co-owner Chris Hoff, Pettyjohn Electronics moved forward making their own addition to the pedal world, the PreDrive. Taking its influence from preamp studio gear, the PreDrive is meant to be the first pedal on any chain and works to preserve the dynamics of the guitar you are playing. Built with an discrete opamp chip in the preamp circuit, Pettyjohn designed the PreDrive to match the impedance of any instrument that features magnetic pickups. With that being said, this pedal isn't strictly limited to electric guitars. The PreDrive gives players creative control with impeccable frequency response and impressive headroom. Further offering the ability to shape your tone, there are two EQ knobs for high cut and low cut filters. It's extremely easy to boost and cut high and low frequencies with these knobs and achieve the sound you're looking to get.
Another great feature of the PreDrive is a boost function, which is engaged by a second footswitch and powered by an additional discrete opamp chip. The large center knob on the pedal controls the boost and can push the level of other pedals and your amp up 11 db of gain. Feel like changing your tone a bit and not just boosting? A harmonic drive toggle switch kicks on a vintage voiced circuit, while also engaging the drive knob at the top of the pedal. This setting will give you a saturated tone that sounds like the tube amps of yesteryear. At the top of the pedal, there are input and output knobs, which gives guitar and bass players the ability to adjust their volume level before any other element of their rig is used. Additionally the PreDrive's setup on the back of the pedal is conducive to use with digital effects and virtual amps, as their is a direct output and input for a tuner. Now, it's time to hear the Pettyjohn PreDrive for yourself! Check out the demo video below from Pettyjohn and get a breakdown on the wide range of sounds you can get from this pedal.