Vintage King comrades Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick have long been two of the most knowledgeable resources on pro audio in the business. Now, with the release of their book The Pensado Papers, Dave and Herb are sharing the story of their rise to success, including behind the scenes details of their web show, Pensado's Place.

Taking root in the beginnings of Dave and Herb's friendship, The Pensado Papers follows the travels of the duo, all of which is told in the friendly, witty banter that Pensado's Place viewers will be familiar with. Giving insight into the daily life of Pensado's work as a top-rate mixing engineer and Trawick's role as the man behind it all, the book provides an interesting perspective rarely seen.

To launch their book release, Dave and Herb will be celebrating with a signing event at Vintage King Los Angeles. Taking place during AES 2014, the two hosts will be heading over to our store on October 9 for a night of giveaways, conversation and refreshments. In addition to all the Pensado's Place fun, visitors will have a chance to peruse the Vintage King Los Angeles gear collection with the Pensado crew.

In order to get an exclusive invite, you'll have to sign up using this form below. Only 50 guests will be admitted to the book party, as each ticket winner will get a signed a copy of Dave and Herb's book and entrance to the Vintage King event.