Vintage King is extremely happy to announce a new collaboration with the Caroline Guitar Company. This exclusive line of pedals is centered on remaking the brand's signature delay pedal, the Kilobyte. Meet the new Caroline Kilobyte VK Edition.

Resident Vintage King pedal whiz Scotty I. got first crack at the new Kilobyte in the office and loved it so much that he wanted to write about it. If you're unfamilar with Scotty, check out his incredible Instagram, @VKGuitar, and read on to discover his thoughts about the new Kilobyte:

I love the way the future was envisioned in the 1980s. Nothing said hi-tech like a state of the art beige computer with brown keys and rainbow logos all over it. Remember that nice yellow patch on the side of the monitor where the sun hit it? Not to mention the easy to read, neon green font on a black screen…

Who would have thought that man's biggest achievement would be figuring out how to fit that thing, along with the rest of RadioShack, into your pocket? Maybe that’s what we like about pedals and audio gear so much; You still get to play with knobs, switches and circuits. You can see, feel and hear what you're doing. You can pretty much do anything you want in your own way.


"Doing things their own way" is a part of Caroline's charm and what sets this pedal apart from the billion other delays out there. The Kilobyte uses a reverb chip that was intended for crappy karaoke machines. They then took that chip and slowed it down, past the reverb splatter, until it started to delay. They stumbled upon a awesome lo-fi delay that was hidden within this unassuming reverb chip. From there they added a unique analog dirt circuit to it and... Voila!

The limited edition Caroline Kilobyte VK Edition is the same great Kilobyte packaged in a RAD 80's enclosure with all the retro computer fixins; Rainbow logos, nice flat beige finish and even brown knobs. If you are a child (or mustache sporting dad) of the 80's or have ever played Oregon Trail in school, you may want to grab one of these before your ox wanders off, or worse, you get dysentery.


Check out Scotty's killer preview video that features the sights and sounds of the 80s with an awesome look at the Caroline/Vintage King Kilobyte: