With the creation of the Sick As Overdrive, Jon Ashley from Bondi Effects has been garnering acclaim from all over the guitar world. His next entrance into the pedal realm, the Del Mar Overdrive, has just made its debut at Vintage King and finds its inspiration from the sounds of mild overdrives of the past. Taking the concepts of legendary pedals like the Tubescreamer and Blues Breaker, Jon has put his own spin on these classics and created a versatile overdrive in the Del Mar. The level of gain never erodes the playing of the guitarist or the gear's true sound, as the tone ranges from an impressive boost to an amazing level of gain.
The Del Mar's toggle switch brings two distinct kinds of drive, with the down position offering up flatter EQ levels and broad highs that soar. Meanwhile, the upward position on the toggle switch will give your guitar a mid-focused drive that has a more compressed sound. Furthermore, the EQ levels can be adjusted with the pedal's bass and treble controls. Adding to the malleability of this pedal, the tone control for the player is very natural and dynamic. Responding to both the guitarist's attack with their pick and volume knob, the Del Mar's tone can be shaped and controlled extremely easily, allowing for the gain to be bumped up or down. Ready to hear the Del Mar in action? Bondi tasked Brett Kingman with the pleasurable job of being the first to review the Del Mar. Check out the video below and get a sense of how great this pedal is for yourself.