Being versatile is something Vintage King strives for in each aspect of our brand, especially when it comes to our two storefronts, Nashville and Los Angeles. In an effort to give visitors a full audio experience, we are always working on new ways for you to try out equipment. With that in mind, our Los Angeles crew created a brand new best spelling monitor demo station. "There are so many high quality, affordable speakers available now, yet speakers still remain a very personal choice," says Vintage King Sales Team Member Alex Oana. "Not only did I learn a ton by being able to instantly compare lots of different speakers, but I also learned which speakers were right for me." The new demo station at Vintage King Los Angeles offers the option of instantly testing a number of monitors from the top brands in a studio-like environment. With an eye towards budget, the array of speakers are all available for under or around $2000, yet still features some of the most accurate and precise sounds in the game.
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While the lineup of the new monitor demo station is in constant rotation, brands that are currently in the mix include PMC, Focal, Genelec, ADAM, Dynaudio, PreSonus, Avantone and Neumann. Want to hear something else? The Vintage King Los Angeles staff can easily bring in any other brands or models that you are interested in hearing. "We created the new monitor station because we want our Vintage King customers to have the opportunity to find the right fit," Oana says. "That's what our Los Angeles showroom is all about - Being able to make confident decisions, quickly and easily, because you can experience the gear." Ready to check out the new monitor section at Vintage King Los Angeles? It's as simple as setting up a demo session with our LA crew. Please feel free to call us at 213.984.4000 or via the appointment option on the Vintage King Los Angeles page. Happy monitor shopping!