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  • The Pensado Papers Book Signing At Vintage King Los Angeles


    Vintage King comrades Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick have long been two of the most knowledgeable resources on pro audio in the business. Now, with the release of their book The Pensado Papers, Dave and Herb are sharing the story of their rise to success, including behind the scenes details of their web show, Pensado's Place. Continue reading

  • Gearslutz And Vintage King Team Up For Brunch


    Everyone's favorite audio forum and gear source are getting together for a fantastic brunch to mark the end of AES 2014. On the last day of the convention, October 12, Gearslutz and Vintage King will be holding a special meal at our Vintage King Los Angeles storefront. Continue reading

  • Meet The Exclusive Caroline Kilobyte Pedal - Vintage King Edition


    Vintage King is extremely happy to announce a new collaboration with the Caroline Guitar Company. This exclusive line of pedals is centered on remaking the brand's signature delay pedal, the Kilobyte. Meet the new Caroline Kilobyte VK Edition.

    Resident Vintage King pedal whiz Scotty I. got first crack at the new Kilobyte in the office and loved it so much that he wanted to write about it. If you're unfamilar with Scotty, check out his incredible Instagram, @VKGuitar, and read on to discover his thoughts about the new Kilobyte Continue reading

  • Telefunken And Vintage King Offer Taste Test For AES 2014


    While AES 2014 is in town, Vintage King will be hosting some exciting events at our Los Angeles storefront, including a unique collaboration with Telefunken Elektroakustik. Dubbed the "Telefunken Microphone Summit," Vintage King and Telefunken will be putting on a live tracking session showcasing some of the best gear from the microphone titan. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Revs Up For AES 2014 Afterglow Six

    AESAfterglowSix1 AESAfterglowSix5

    AES always guarantees some fireworks, both in and out of the convention center, and the 2014 event in Los Angeles won't be any different. Vintage King will be hosting a number of events throughout AES week, but they all lead up to the final blowout, the AES Afterglow Six. Continue reading

  • Bondi Effects Introduces The New Del Mar Pedal


    With the creation of the Sick As Overdrive, Jon Ashley from Bondi Effects has been garnering acclaim from all over the guitar world. His next entrance into the pedal realm, the Del Mar Overdrive, has just made its debut at Vintage King and finds its inspiration from the sounds of mild overdrives of the past. Continue reading

  • Vintage King's Pedal Line Grows With Bogner


    While both Reinhold Bogner and Jorg Dorschner were born in Germany, their random meeting, eventual friendship and decision to move to California would change their lives forever. Bogner moved to America in 1989, just two years before Dorschner, and began to cultivate a niche in the Los Angeles gear scene. This was the start of Bogner Amplification.

    Kicking off a new era of epic boutique amps, Bogner and Dorschner helped recreate the way that the general public looked at small-run amplifiers. Now, the duo is doing the same for the pedal game by introducing a new series of effects featuring transformers from Rupert Neve Designs. Inspired by the bold sound of his mixing consoles, these pedals offer rich tones with that classic Neve warmth and punch. Continue reading

  • Get Free Passes To AES Los Angeles 2014 From Vintage King


    It's that time of year again, as the best and brightest in the world of audio assemble for the AES Convention. The 2014 incarnation of the convention is taking place in Los Angeles, which means that Vintage King will be playing a big part of the celebration. Want to get in on all of the fun? Vintage King is giving away passes to a few lucky fans who will be able to attend AES. Continue reading

  • Eric Valentine PT. 2: The MPEQ-1 And UnderTone Audio's Future


    When Vintage King last caught up with UnderTone Audio co-founder and famed producer Eric Valentine, we talked about the birth of the brand and his start in the world of building gear. The focus of our conversation now turns towards UTA's MPEQ-1 rack unit, a Class A mic preamp and EQ, based on Valentine's original console design.

    As UTA's product base shifts from consoles to outboard gear like the MPEQ-1, the ideal behind the products still remains the same. The focus remains on creating products that are uncompromising and fit Valentine's specific needs, all the while knowing that as long as there are others who require flexible gear, UTA will be around for years to come. Continue reading

  • Pettyjohn Predrive Comes To Vintage King

    Based in Albany, Oregon, Pettyjohn Electronics grew out of co-founder Stephen Pettyjohn's interest in bringing elements of the standard recording studio down to the guitar pedal level. After hooking up with co-owner Chris Hoff, Pettyjohn Electronics moved forward making their own addition to the pedal world, the PreDrive. Continue reading

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