union tube and transistor
Despite recently gaining attention as the builders of the Bumble Buzz pedal from Third Man Records, Union Tube & Transistor has been making a name for themselves in the pedal world for years. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, the company excels at creating incredibly simple pedals with immaculate tones. It's easy to see why Jack White selected UTT to make the first run of pedals for TMR. Union Tube exudes a vintage feel, both in their pedals color scheme, lack of multiple knobs and old-fashioned metal name plates. In addition to carrying the Bumble Buzz, Vintage King is now stocking the entire UTT line, which features three more unique pedals that run the gamut of gain and fuzz.
union tube transistor1
Beezlebuzz: You can't claim one of Satan's nom de plumes as your pedal's name, unless it has some truly evil tones working for it. Fortunately for UTT, the Beezlebuzz delivers with the fury of the underworld. With one knob for controlling gain increase and volume, you can tear off simply ferocious leads with this on your board.
union tube transistor2
MORE: Meant to be used as a preamp for a tube amplifier, the MORE pedal from UTT plays well with overdrive pedals and can be extremely impactful in shaping the final tone of your guitar. A simple click of the pedal adds punch to any situation, but by using the pedal's knob, a player can finely tune their sound for an all-around incredible tone or something significant for solos.
union tube transistor
Sub Buzz: Are you a fan of the low end? Who isn't?! UTT's Sub Buzz is an essential pedal pick up for anyone who likes fat, heavy sounds that can rock a room from floor to ceiling. Specifically made for bass guitars, the Sub Buzz features two control knobs, which control fuzz (the left knob) and clean (the right knob). The future is bright for Union Tube as they continue to pump out these three incredible pedals and began production on a few follow up models. While they've only been named at this point (Swindle, Tone Druid and Sone Bender), there is no doubt guitarists everywhere are on pins and needles to see what tones these pedals will birth.