When it comes to outfitting your studio with monitors, there are many different factors to consider upon making your final selection. From shape and size to sound and price, there are literally hundreds of options that can fit the bill based on your space's particular needs. If you're looking to make decisions based on a budget, Vintage King offers up our list of five studio monitors under $1000. The art of tracking, mixing and mastering, any type of audio work requires an accurate representation of what you're recording. These amazing monitors will help make your job that much easier and lend your ear a helping hand.
1. ADAM Audio F7 Kicking our airy and clear frequencies via two nearfield monitors and pulsating bass sounds from a SubF subwoofer, the ADAM Audio F7 truly achieves greatness on a budget. At only $400 per monitor, you can stock up your studio space with brilliant X-ART tweeter technology at only a portion of the price of many lesser studio speakers.
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2. Focal CMS 40 Sometimes budgetary constraints doesn't necessarily mean a lack of funds. For many who are just starting out creating their own studio space, size is also a major concern in selecting gear. For such purposes, Focal has created the CMS 40, which brings premium monitors into your home studio in a more compact form. They are also ideal for larger studios, where listening to mixes on smaller speakers is still an important aspect of testing mixes.
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3. Genelec M030 Built with Genelec's own Natural Composite Enclosure, the Genelec M030 series monitor is partially made from a recyclable fibre composite and wood. Giving proper acoustic qualities to deaden vibrations and maximize internal volume, this monitor offers low distortion and high output courtesy of its Class D bi-amplification. In short, the M030 offers a lack of distortion, a neutral balance and won't completely destroy your wallet.
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4. Dynaudio BM5A MKII Looking to improve upon the initial design of the BM5, Dynaudio set out to create a new monitor that more accurately covered a wider range of frequencies. The resulting BM5A MKII delivers pristine sound via a handmade seven-inch aluminum woofer and a softdome tweeter with a newly styled waveguide. For impeccable high ends and full bass sounds, the BM5A MKII is extremely impressive.
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5. Neumann KH 120 A In terms of sheer size, the Neumann KH 120's small package shouldn't frighten you away from it. Essential as a near-field loudspeaker or rear loudspeaker, this monitor offers accurate sounds, thanks in part to analog class-AB amplifiers and flexible acoustic controls. The detail of the Neumann KH 120 A is truly what sets it apart from other monitors of the same pedigree.