When it comes to recording and mixing, engineers, producers and mixers have always looked to the best gear to get the job done properly. Whether new or vintage, the important factor has always been finding the tool that best serves the song. With the advancement of technology, this process includes the blending of digital and analog studio equipment, which is the focus of an upcoming event at Vintage King Los Angeles. Taking place on Tuesday, August 26, Vintage King and Audio Alchemist present a unique program with two essential mixers in the industry, Rob Chiarelli and Michael James. Featuring demonstrations, Q&As, giveaways and special deals on Dangerous Music and Blue Microphones, the night will be filled with new knowledge and tech talk that will help to make your own personal studio run more efficiently. If you're unfamiliar with the work of Rob Chiarelli, all you need to do is turn on the radio to catch a plethora of mixes from this seven-time GRAMMY winner. Working with everyone from Will Smith and Ice Cube to Christina Aguilera and LeAnn Rimes, Chiarelli is a classically trained musician who transformed his love of music into studio gold. Throughout this workshop at Vintage King Los Angeles, there will be a mixing demo from Rob and he will explain some of his favorite digital and analog gear choices. While Michael James' production credits seem to skew the heavier side of the 1990s/2000s, including work with New Radicals, Hole and Jawbreaker, his mixing knowledge far surpasses grunge and emo. Whether through creating his own solo work or founding IndieProMix with Rob Chiarelli, he has continued to keep his hands in the industry by producing more than 250 songs a year. James will be joining Chiarelli in an exclusive mix session at Vintage King, in addition to one-on-one interviews with each other. All the excitement is going down at Vintage King Los Angeles on Tuesday, August 26, starting at 7 PM.