Dating back to his lengthy tech career for recording studios like Ocean Way, Hyde Street and Hit Factory, David Bock's fascination with vintage microphones has always been his calling card. Launching his own brand in 2007, Bock Audio, the mic admirer began creating unique replications of many classic models. Now, Bock is releasing his latest creation, the Bock 407. Capturing the magic of a classic microphone is nearly second nature for Bock, who has already recreated the Telefunken 251 (Bock 251) and the Neumann U47 FET (Bock iFet). The Bock 407 is no different. Taking the timeless sound of the Neumann U47 and cleaning up its reliability issues for the modern era, this new model from Bock will easily become a constantly used piece of gear in your studio. Taking a vintage microphone and making it more accessible has been the approach David Bock has taken from his brand's inception. The 407 uses a power supply and amplifier, originally created for the Bock 507, while also working in a unique k47 capsule that was custom created by Bock himself. Since the original was typically used as a cardioid mic, Bock's modern recreation has been created for "cardioid only" recording purposes. "It sounds stunning," states TransAudio Group President Brad Lunde."The Bock 407 has that smooth, creamy midrange you associate with a 47, along with the signature proximity effect that vocalists like Robert Plant and Frank Sinatra used so famously." When it comes to recording with original 47s, the name of game has always been male and female vocals. This strong tradition continues with Bock's 407 model, which can perfectly capture both expansive sounding vocal performances and the intimate details of a singer/songwriter's work. With a wide range of versatility, David Bock's creation is also great for recording brass, drums, bass guitars and anything else you'd like to have a warm tone.