For the past 15 years, Chandler Limited has been known for building gear that furthers the legacy of Abbey Road Studios. By recreating the famed equalizers, limiters and preamps of the studio that gave birth to the recordings of The Beatles and beyond, a new generation have been able to access this legendary equipment.

Thanks to Chandler's lead designer Wade Goeke and his extreme attention to detail, Abbey Road has announced that they have signed an extended agreement with the Iowa-based brand. This deal ensures that Chandler will be able to continue creating their current lineup of Abbey Road based gear and bring new models to the pro audio market for years to come.

"Abbey Road Studios is extremely proud to be associated with these excellent examples of quality recording hardware," says Mirek Stiles, Head of Audio Products at Abbey Road Studios. "We are delighted that our partnership has been extended and look forward to releasing new products.”

While details still remain vague, Wade Goeke had made mention of working on new gear from Abbey Road, while also expanding on the more popular pieces of the existing Chandler lineup. "We will be offering products based upon classic EMI equipment that [have] never been modeled before, including REDD and RS units, as well as new directions in the TG line."

With the release of TG2-500 earlier this Spring, Chandler Limited has once again shown that they are on the right path when it comes to recreating Abbey Road equipment. Downsizing the classic sound of the EMI TG12348 preamp to a 500 Series module, this latest piece of gear attests to the creativity and adaptability of Goeke's designs.

Stay tuned to the Vintage King blog for more news regarding upcoming products from Chandler Limited and their ever-expanding Abbey Road Series.