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  • Abbey Road And Chandler Limited Announce New Agreement


    For the past 15 years, Chandler Limited has been known for building gear that furthers the legacy of Abbey Road Studios. By recreating the famed equalizers, limiters and preamps of the studio that gave birth to the recordings of The Beatles and beyond, a new generation have been able to access this legendary equipment.

    Thanks to Chandler's lead designer Wade Goeke and his extreme attention to detail, Abbey Road has announced that they have signed an extended agreement with the Iowa-based brand. This deal ensures that Chandler will be able to continue creating their current lineup of Abbey Road based gear and bring new models to the pro audio market for years to come. Continue reading

  • Eric Valentine PT. 1: The Birth of Undertone Audio


    As one of the most notable studio minds of his generation, Eric Valentine has mixed, produced and engineered the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Good Charlotte, The All-American Rejects, Slash and more. Yet, since 2004, Valentine has also taken an interest in building and creating his own gear.

    Under the banner of UnderToneAudio, Valentine and his team of techs have taken these creations out of the basement and made them a viable commodity for anyone interested in great recording equipment. In honor of the new relationship between Vintage King and UnderTone, Eric Valentine sat down for a chat with VK and talked all things recording. Continue reading

  • Dangerous Music: Building The Gear They Want To Use


    When you work hard in the studio, session after session, and constantly reach roadblocks created by the limitations of gear, you start to think about other possibilities. What if you created your own equipment to combat the issues? This was the thought behind Chris Muth and Bob Muller's Dangerous Music. Continue reading

  • Five Mics Under $500

    best mics under 500 (5)

    When it comes to studio essentials, a good microphone is almost second-to-none. After all, the art of finding the right microphone and creating a lethal arsenal is always an exhilarating part of building out any studio. Sometimes, though, you may not have the funds for more expensive gear and need to try out some other options. For those on a budget, Vintage King has put together a list of the best mics under $500. Continue reading

  • The World Of Hybrid Mixing At Vintage King Los Angeles


    When it comes to recording and mixing, engineers, producers and mixers have always looked to the best gear to get the job done properly. Whether new or vintage, the important factor has always been finding the tool that best serves the song. With the advancement of technology, this process includes the blending of digital and analog studio equipment, which is the focus of an upcoming event at Vintage King Los Angeles. Continue reading
  • Vintage King And Pensado's Place Team For Gear Expo 2014 In Nashville


    There's nothing quite like getting your hands on a new piece of gear for the first time. Holding it, plugging a cable into it and then taking it for a test drive. Thanks to Pensado's Place and Vintage King, the dream once again becomes a reality at the 2014 Gear Expo. Taking place in Nashville on Saturday, September 27, this second annual block party from Pensado and VK will be an exciting event for all audio fans; engineers, producers, studio owners and those just recording for fun at home. Continue reading

  • Bock Audio Introduces The Brand New Bock 407 Mic


    Dating back to his lengthy tech career for recording studios like Ocean Way, Hyde Street and Hit Factory, David Bock's fascination with vintage microphones has always been his calling card. Launching his own brand in 2007, Bock Audio, the mic admirer began creating unique replications of many classic models. Now, Bock is releasing his latest creation, the Bock 407. Continue reading

  • Five Studio Monitors Under $1000


    When it comes to outfitting your studio with monitors, there are many different factors to consider upon making your final selection. From shape and size to sound and price, there are literally hundreds of options that can fit the bill based on your space's particular needs.

    If you're looking to make decisions based on a budget, Vintage King offers up our list of five studio monitors under $1000. The art of tracking, mixing and mastering, any type of audio work requires an accurate representation of what you're recording. These amazing monitors will help make your job that much easier and lend your ear a helping hand. Continue reading

  • Bumble Buzz Creators Union Tube & Transistor Bring Entire Line To VK

    union tube and transistor

    Despite recently gaining attention as the builders of the Bumble Buzz pedal from Third Man Records, Union Tube & Transistor has been making a name for themselves in the pedal world for years. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, the company excels at creating incredibly simple pedals with immaculate tones. Continue reading

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