Chandler Limited has been known for creating great gear for over 15 years, including the brand's ever popular TG2 Pre Amp/DI. Based on the sound and magic of Abbey Road Studios' EMI TG12428, the TG2 has now been condensed down to the 500 Series format. Welcome to the studio world, the TG2-500.

The name of the game when it comes to the TG2-500 is warmth and punch. Often recalling Neve-like production values, the Pre Amp features a smooth tone that really can take your recordings to the next level. Thanks to 10 - 60 dB of gain that can be finely tuned, courtesy of two distinct knobs, engineers and producers will be able to attain a mid forward tone that is unbelievable.

Calling to mind records like The Beatles' Abbey Road, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and Badfinger's Straight Up, which used the EMI TG12428, the TG2-500 has a distinct sound. With a wide open top end that is expansive and the same impedance as the TG2, users will be able to throw this tool in their 500 Series rack and seamlessly transition into using it.

Bringing the TG2 to the 500 Series size was a bit of a challenge for Chandler Limited designer and owner Wade Goeke. Unwilling to take a piece of gear to market that didn't match the sound of the original, Goeke worked until he accurately achieved what he was looking for in the TG2-500. "I always commented that I had not yet found the right way to engineer this unit in the 500 series form factor," Goeke says. "I’m glad I was patient because I genuinely believe our users will be pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the results!"

Want to hear Chandler Limited's TG2-500? Check out Pete Thorn's latest video below to find out how incredible this 500 Series can get.