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  • Vintage King's Mike and Andrew Nehra Talk At 2014 Summer NAMM


    A few weeks ago during the 2014 Summer NAMM event in Nashville, Vintage King co-founders Mike and Andrew Nehra took the stage during the Retail Summit for a chat with NAMM president Joe Lamond. Talking about the history of the VK brand, Mike and Andrew gave insight into the company's formation, which started from within their own studio, the White Room. Continue reading

  • Electro-Harmonix B9 Pedal Brings Killer Organ Sounds


    If you've ever been an organist or in a band that has an organ player, you've probably faced a predicament or two. Most likely, you've shown up to a club with a thousand pound organ, only to be faced with a daunting triple flight of stairs. When you bring an organ, those are the breaks.

    Fortunately for spines and backs everywhere, Electro-Harmonix has created the brand new B9 Organ Machine pedal, which perfectly captures the sounds of a wide range of organ tones. Developed to match popular organ sounds from the 1960s onward, Electro-Harmonix's pedal can be used on anything from guitar to keyboard, making it so much easier to fit into compact live venues and recording studios. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Featured In Tape Op Piece About Gear Restoration


    Over the course of 20+ years, Vintage King has gained a reputation for carrying some of the best vintage audio gear from around the world. Yet, these amazing consoles, microphones and outboard gear don't just gussy themselves up and get ready to go home with their new owners. The restoration process is just one more important element of the VK vision. Continue reading

  • Five 500 Series Modules For Under $500


    Finding the right 500 Series for your rack can be a tough task, especially when you have discerning tastes and are on a budget. However, even if you don't have excess cash in your bank account, you can still find something that will be a useful tool in the studio. Check out these 500 Series modules that come in under $500 and get some great gear for less. Continue reading

  • Joe Gore Duh Remedial Fuzz Hits Vintage King


    While Joe Gore has done many things in his life, from music journalism to recording with Tom Waits and beyond, his life took an interesting turn a few years ago. While working on new Apple programs, Gore was tasked with creating analog sounds for the digital age. To better understand the art, he started to build his own amps and pedals.

    Despite keeping his hands in print and music, Joe has developed his own line of guitar pedals, which is now being carried exclusively by Vintage King. His latest pedal, the Duh Remedial Fuzz, is an epic example of Gore's vision. Sticking with a classic mantra of non-conformity and practicality, this pedal is capable of slaying with just one knob. Continue reading

  • The Quest For Focusrite Studio Consoles


    As the basis for the new documentary, The Story of the Focusrite Studio Console, the Focusrite desk remains a favorite among vintage collectors and recording engineers around the world. The only problem? There were only ten of these consoles ever created. Continue reading

  • Pensado Awards Show Streams Live On VK Blog


    A few short weeks ago, the inaugural Pensado Awards successfully pulled off the first show that actually awards the people who make the music. Honoring producers, mixers, engineers, DJs and all other fields of audio work, Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick, hosts of Pensado Place, worked extremely hard to bring light to some areas of our industry that often go unrewarded. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Nashville Hosts Two Exciting Events For NAMM


    During next week's Summer NAMM, Vintage King Nashville is hosting two exciting events that will bring even more of the best audio gear to Music City. Taking place on Thursday, July 17, and Friday, July 18, at our Vintage King storefront, the events will include gear from ATC, Focal, Bock Audio, Bettermaker and Electrodyne. Continue reading

  • Chandler Limited TG2-500 Brings Classic Abbey Road Sound To 500 Series


    Chandler Limited has been known for creating great gear for over 15 years, including the brand's ever popular TG2 Pre Amp/DI. Based on the sound and magic of Abbey Road Studios' EMI TG12428, the TG2 has now been condensed down to the 500 Series format. Welcome to the studio world, the TG2-500. Continue reading

  • VK Tech Tim Mead Revives ADR Compex F760X-RS For A New Generation


    As the head technician at Vintage King, Tim Mead has spent over ten years perfecting his craft and working to revitalize unique pieces of vintage gear under our roof. In addition to his work at VK, Mead has been making waves with engineers and producers by faithfully recreating a classic studio compressor/limiter, the ADR Compex F760X-RS, under the banner of Q2 Audio. Continue reading

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