For fans and friends of Vintage King, Pete Thorn is a familiar face. Yet, for those unaware of his guitar prowess, he is the ultimate tone master. In between live and studio gigs for the likes of Chris Cornell, Hole and Melissa Etheridge, Thorn has created video demos for hundreds of guitar products to offer a window into the sounds of the latest gear.

Pete has now developed some gear of his own, as he has worked with Suhr to create his own signature amp, the Suhr PT-100. Limited to 50 head and cabinets sets worldwide, the PT-100 is an extremely rare amplifier, but will be featured at a special event at Vintage King Nashville on June 26. With a product walk through from Pete and a Q&A afterwards, attendees will get a firsthand look at this amazing amp.

The PT-100 is the result of ample road testing and tweaking, including nearly five years of building off the original model that Suhr created with Pete. The end product is a slick three-channel tube amplifier head matched with an impeccable cabinet that is stocked with two 12 inch speakers. Outfitted with a pair of Celestion Creamback speakers, this head and cabinet combo can truly kick out some powerful sounds.

Offering the best of tube and solid state technology, the PT-100 comes packed with four EL-34 power tubes, six 12AX7 preamp tubes and a solid-state series/parallel effects loop. Throughout his many travels, Thorn thought that the option for a MIDI programmable switch would be great, so John Suhr worked on building the adaptable technology into the head. In addition, Suhr added a fat boost to the amp that offers an organic take on the traditional volume booster pedal.