While not everyone walked away on Saturday night with a golden bullhorn, just looking around the room at the Pensado Awards confirmed that everything is going right in the recording industry. Mixers, producers, engineers and artists of all backgrounds mixed and mingled throughout the event, cheering on every victorious nominee to reach the podium.

As a part of the inaugural event, Pensado's Place awarded individuals in 16 categories at The Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica. Ranging in different areas from music and television to film and video games, the nominee field was vast and unique, making the spirit in the audience extremely fun throughout the show. Check out the list of Pensado Award winners below:

OMG! Mix of the Year: Pro Designation For Major Label Releases
Winners: Tony Maserati & Manny Marroquin

Game Changer Producer of the Year Award: Production w/ National Impact
Winner: Alex Da Kid

Break Thru Songwriter: Songwriter Designation For Impact Song
Winner: Kendrick Lamar "Swimming Pools"

Master of Mastering: Mastering Engineers Award
Winner: Brad Blackwood

Tracking Engineer: Tracking Engineers Award
Winner: Ross Hogarth

Pensado Giant Award: An Icon In The Industry
Winner: Al Schmitt

Best Non-English Song: International Foreign Language Award
Winner: Jeff Kung (China) "Suspended Memories"

Outstanding Brand: Brand or Entity Espousing Best Audio Practices
Winners: Universal Audio and Vintage King Audio

Break Thru Mixer Award: Award For Non-Major Label Mix (Powered by Indaba)
Winner: Drumasonic Daniel

Live/FOH: Excellence in Live or Front of House Sound
Winner: John McBride

Spin Doctor DJ Award: Outstanding DJ Award
Winners: DJ Ali and MakJ

Outstanding Achievement in Sound For Film, Television and Gaming
Winner: Alan Meyerson Call of Duty/The Amazing Spider-Man 2

AIR Award: Award For Best Assistant, Intern or Runner
Winner: Ghosts Web (Sound Cap Audio)

Unique Project Studio: Innovative Non-Commercial or Personal Studio
Winner: HeartsRevolution

Dave Pensado Educator Award: Excellence in Audio Education
Winners: John McBride and Dave Pensado

Herb Trawick Visionary Award: Excellence in Audio Innovation
Winners: Steven Slate, Alex da Kid and Herb Trawick

The first edition of the Pensado Awards was an extremely special night for our industry and those who create and control the sound. Vintage King is extremely honored to have been named a winner among all of the dedicated and talented nominees. Thanks to Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick for putting their hearts and souls into this show and our fellow sponsors for their support.

See everyone at the Pensado Awards in 2015!