When it comes to creating a 500 Series module, a great struggle can occur when trying to figure out what to leave on the cutting room floor. After all, packing a large amount of electronics and detail into a small frame can be tough. Yet, Inward Connections' The Brat brings the complete EQ experience to an extremely tiny package. For those that like to shape their EQ with great detail, The Brat is an essential addition for your rack. The 4-band parametric equalizer helps to cut with surgical skill with the inclusion of a High Band (1.2KHz to 25 KHz), Mid High Band (300 Hz to 7KHz), Mid Lo Band (80Hz to 1.6Hz) and the Lo Band (20 Hz to 300 HZ). The Lo Band and High Band feature peak/shelf select switch that will help you modify your sound just the way you want it. Adding to the allure of The Brat, all four frequency levels have +/- 12dB cut and boost levels. With this distinct level of control over your mixes, you'll be able to sculpt the sonic qualities of your sounds. The end result of working with The Brat will be completely defined by the producer and engineer handling recording. The EQ's basic sound is one that is soft and buttery, but with a few twists of a knob or two, you can create something distinctly harder. With allowance for precise mixing abilities, The Brat features knobs that have single detents to call for more accurate recording processes. There is no second guessing whether you have the same sound, as long you take a few small notes and use the dials to adjust to your proper setting. The Brat is already high praise from some famous musicians and producers. “Those Brats are the most musical little devils I have heard in years! I’ve been using them on my mixes," says legendary producer and engineer Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, KISS). "They relate to the way I think about EQ musically and they have a superior build. I love my Brats!” Another fan of this EQ is none other than world-renowned guitarist Steve Vai. Despite his reputation as being an authority on guitar gear, he is also extremely well-versed in studio items including equalizers and compressors. "It's the finest 500 Series EQ that I've ever used," Vai states of The Brat. "If you're a gear geek like me I really recommend checking [it] out." Check out the rest of Steve Vai's endorsement of Inward Connections' The Brat below and then feel free to head over to VK's The Brat page for more info.