The basis of any good education starts with having the right tools to get the job done. In the case of Glendale Community College, the Audio Production Technologies department definitely needed an upgrade in terms of the school's on-campus recording facilities. Audio Production Degree head David Nichols reached out to Vintage King when the decision was made to move forward with a revamp. Working together with Vintage King's Chicago-based Sales Associate Jeff Leibovich, Nichols and the VK team set about incorporating the latest studio equipment that would help students learn. "As someone who went through the recording program at the University of Michigan, I know the importance of learning on real world equipment," states Leibovich. "It can help in landing internships and engineering jobs at top studios.” When deciding on the centerpiece for the Glendale Community College, the duo came to the conclusion that an API 1608 console would be perfect for students to learn from. Not only is the API 1608 one of the best consoles available, but it is also widely used in recording studios across the world. Thus, the console could give GCC students a leg up when entering the recording field.
“Our students get hands on familiarity with the same gear they will be using in the recording studios and production facilities they will be employed in," Professor Nichols stated. "It was really gratifying to have the audio pros at Vintage King give us guidance in putting together this real life studio classroom.” In addition to the API 1608 console, Vintage King also supplied the school with some more insane gear including a Prism Sound Maselec MEA-2 Mastering Equalizer, Briscati M7 reverb, a pair of Schoeps CMC6's, a Shadow Mastering Compressor, Tube Tech EQ1a, a pair of Neumann U-87's, Universal Audio 1176 and LA-2A compressor/limiters. When it comes to teaching the next generation about the art of recording, it's integral to keep rich traditions alive while fostering new creativity. With a mix of new and classic gear from Vintage King, Professor Nichols' students at Glendale Community College will have every opportunity to make it the next level of the recording industry. Do you work for a school or institution? Let Vintage King help you prepare your students for the future. For more info on how Vintage King can help transform your learning institutions recording and mixing facilities, please feel free to contact our team of experts via phone at 888.653.1184 or by email.