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  • Pensado Awards Caps Off A Night Of Recognition For All


    While not everyone walked away on Saturday night with a golden bullhorn, just looking around the room at the Pensado Awards confirmed that everything is going right in the recording industry. Mixers, producers, engineers and artists of all backgrounds mixed and mingled throughout the event, cheering on every victorious nominee to reach the podium. Continue reading

  • Chris Lord-Alge And Bob Clearmountain Take Over Apogee Studios


    Last week, Bob Clearmountain and Chris Lord-Alge took over a packed Apogee Studios for a special talk covering their extensive careers. Speaking about their methods, the records that they have worked on and the process of blending analog and digital, the two legends offered some unique insight into their process. Continue reading

  • VK's Scotty I. Picks His Top Five Weirdo Pedals


    Vintage King has been evolving our line of guitar gear by culling together the most unique and essential brands out in the market today. As the face of our Guitar Sales team, Scotty I. knows a thing or two about pedals. OK... maybe not just a thing or two, more like thousands. Scotty's jam room is literally a mountain of pedals, as documented by his Instagram account, @VKGuitar. Continue reading

  • Potential Sale Of RCA Studio Spells End Of An Era


    Throughout the history of the recording industry, there are studios that surpass just being merely a room. They take on a life of their own. Something in the space feels alive and you can sense the ghosts of music past whirling around you. One of these hallowed halls of musicdom is RCA Studio A in Nashville, Tennessee. Continue reading

  • The Brat 500 Series Offers Surgical EQ


    When it comes to creating a 500 Series module, a great struggle can occur when trying to figure out what to leave on the cutting room floor. After all, packing a large amount of electronics and detail into a small frame can be tough. Yet, Inward Connections' The Brat brings the complete EQ experience to an extremely tiny package. Continue reading

  • Pete Thorn Demos Signature Suhr Amp At Vintage King Nashville


    For fans and friends of Vintage King, Pete Thorn is a familiar face. Yet, for those unaware of his guitar prowess, he is the ultimate tone master. In between live and studio gigs for the likes of Chris Cornell, Hole and Melissa Etheridge, Thorn has created video demos for hundreds of guitar products to offer a window into the sounds of the latest gear. Continue reading

  • Bondi Sick As Pedal Offers Masterclass Overdrive


    While some guitarists search the world over for the dirtiest sounding fuzz pedals they can find, there are others who pride themselves on a clean overdrive tone that doesn't detract from their songwriting. Imagine tracks like George Harrison's "Wah Wah" or Electric Light Orchestra's "Do Ya" played through extreme distortion. These songs wouldn't be known if not for their simple overdrive sounds, replicated today by the Bondi Effects' Sick As pedal. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Delivers New Studio To Glendale Community College


    The basis of any good education starts with having the right tools to get the job done. In the case of Glendale Community College, the Audio Production Technologies department definitely needed an upgrade in terms of the school's on-campus recording facilities. Audio Production Degree head David Nichols reached out to Vintage King when the decision was made to move forward with a revamp. Continue reading
  • Upcoming Studio Prodigy Series Features Eddie Kramer, Chris Bellman and Francis Buckley


    Working in a recording studio is much like any other profession. After all, with new advanced gear coming out daily, there is a constant education curve that engineers, mixers and producers must follow. With the formation of the Studio Prodigy Master Class Series, founder Ryan Hewitt has helped to make the education process a lot easier. Continue reading

  • The Pensado Awards Set A New Standard For Awarding Engineers And Producers


    For as long as most producers and recording engineers care to remember, the praise has always been heaped on musicians. While it might be hard to make a song without a musician or band, producers and engineers have long been the lifeblood of the recording industry. That's why Pensado's Place has decided to bring the community together with a truly unique award show. Continue reading

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