The phrase "versatile" has been applied to so many pedals that really only have a few decent sounds. Then comes a pedal like the Suhr Rufus Fuzz and you realize just what the word actually means. With a dynamic range often unheard of in the world of fuzz pedals, the Suhr Rufus Fuzz can punctuate your sound with the distortion of 1960s/70s rock 'n' roll and get things heavy with a dirty Seattle tone from the 90s. With some innovative new technology, Suhr has transformed the pedal world again by offering a multi-tap system that allows users to change tone without effecting your set-up. Dubbed Multi-Function Technology, or mf(x) for short, you can choose between two different tones, simply by holding down the foot switch. Ready to move on from one setting to another? Just hold the switch for two seconds and you are on to another setting. By pressing on the pedal, you'll bring up either a red or green light. These two different colors correspond to different user modes, Normal (green) and Fat (red). The differences between the Normal and the Fat mode are very distinct. Normal offers a flat, midrange fuzz tone that isn't overpowering. At the same time, this setting is extremely malleable and can be taken whatever way you to want to go. The Fat mode offers scooping fuzz that leans towards the heavy side, but still can clean up well when adjusting the volume on your guitar or bass. Making things less confusing, the Rufus pedal has memory control settings within its electronic makeup. This component essentially remembers what tone you were playing last and will hold it, even after turning the foot switch completely off. This can be a huge benefit when cutting studio tracks or playing out live, as you'll know exactly what tone is coming up next when you hit the pedal. When Vintage King gets new gear, Pete Thorn always gets the first crack at trying it out. Check out Pete's latest video as he shows off the wide range of sounds that the Rufus can achieve. Also, check out the Bondi Sick As pedal that is featured in Pete's rig for some sick overdrive.