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  • Neumann M49: The Mic of a Generation

    Throughout the history of music, there are iconic pieces of recording equipment that often go unparalleled by their peers. From the consoles of Rupert Neve to the early Moog synthesizers, these pieces have grown to define generations of music. In terms of microphones, the Neumann M49 has always been one of the examples of a mic by which all others are judged. Continue reading
  • Suhr's Rufus Pedal Brings Durable Fuzz To Life

    The phrase "versatile" has been applied to so many pedals that really only have a few decent sounds. Then comes a pedal like the Suhr Rufus Fuzz and you realize just what the word actually means. With a dynamic range often unheard of in the world of fuzz pedals, the Suhr Rufus Fuzz can punctuate your sound with the distortion of 1960s/70s rock 'n' roll and get things heavy with a dirty Seattle tone from the 90s. Continue reading

  • The Warmth And Glow Of The Wunder Audio CM67

    There are few microphones that have stood the test of time like the classic Neumann 67 model. Perhaps its the deceptively simple design, the vintage look or the smooth sounds it creates, but the mic has long been a favorite of producers and engineers. Keeping the idea of simplicity at the base of their design, Wunder Audio has recreated their own version of the mic with the CM67 design. Continue reading

  • New Pultec Reproductions Comes To Vintage King

    A new classic is coming to Vintage King and it's truly an epic announcement. While we have always carried used and vintage gear from Pultec, we will now be selling the brand's latest reproductions. These repros aren't merely the same name slapped onto a different piece of gear. Lovingly recreated to the exact wiring and specs, these new Pultec products are steeped in the sound of nostalgia. Continue reading

  • Jext Telez Dizzy Tone: Pure Power For Distortion People

    For those that thought the popularity of pedals with pure distortion power were waning, it's probably best that you duck under a table and cover your ears. The new crop of revitalized metal and stoner rock bands have forever brought back distortion pedals and they crave only the heaviest of sounds. From up-and-comers like Fuzz, mid-90s groups like Sleep and perennial favorites Black Sabbath, there is still a need for kick ass pedals like the Jext Telez Dizzy Tone. Continue reading
  • LA Event: Bob Clearmountain and Chris Lord-Alge Deconstructed

    When it comes to studio innovation in the past 50 years, it truly doesn't get much bigger than Bob Clearmountain and Chris Lord-Alge. These two music veterans have had their hands on nearly every genre of music since the mid-70s and will be taking part in a Q&A, sponsored by Vintage King, on June 10th. Continue reading

  • Eventide H9 Offers Big Punch From A Tiny Box

    Bringing home a harmonizer pedal that replicates the Eventide rack sounds used by Jimmy Page, Frank Zappa and Eddie Van Halen, is a dream come true for most guitar fanatics. After all, when it comes to the most often replicated guitar tones, these three players are at the top of most lists. With the new Eventide H9 Core and Eventide H9, the dream sound has become much more achievable. Continue reading

  • The Hearty Sound Of The Coles 4038

    Designed and built by the BBC in the early 1950s, the Coles 4038 is one of the most popular ribbon microphone of all time. With its unique hoof-like shape and an appearance similar to waffle iron, this microphone has a sound that is extremely hard to match. Continue reading
  • Chandler Limited Celebrates 15 Years Of Excellence

    You don't just stumble onto good tone. It takes dedication and finesse to fine-tune the quality of your sound. Yet, no one has made the task easier for musicians and recording techs than Chandler Limited. Celebrating their 15th year in business throughout 2014, Chandler Limited is continuing to kick out some of the best preamps, equalizers, mixers, 500 series and guitar products on the market. Continue reading

  • Celebrating The Moog Synthesizer: A History Of Innovation

    Few people have made as great an impact on music the way that Dr. Robert Moog has. Through his creative innovations, beginning with the Moog Synthesizer, the history of music has seen great change. In honor of what would have been his 80th birthday this May, we're taking a look at the Moog Synthesizer’s history and the life of Dr. Bob himself. Continue reading

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