After months of anticipation, rumors and leaks we finally know when Pro Tools 11 is to be released, and what features to expect. Avid is describing it with phrases like "game-changer", "redefining possibilities" and "epic" but what does it all mean to you and me? New Architecture The big news here is that Pro Tools 11 is built around a new 64 bit architecture with new Audio and Video engines. That means that the application can finally take advantage of all that processing power and memory that has been sitting unused in our computers as Pro Tools languished in 32-bit world. Highlights Of The New Features: Offline Bounce This is a big one we've been asking for for a long, long time - Pro Tools can now bounce a session faster than real-time.. much faster, up to 150x. That means a one hour radio show takes 45 seconds to bounce in PT11, compared to one hour in PT10! 64-bit Now that it is 64-bit, Pro Tools can finally access all the processor cores and RAM in our expensive modern computers. That means huge performance increases and smooth handling of bigger sessions loaded with plugins and virtual instruments. Video Engine The new video engine in Pro Tools 11 plays back HD video in a variety of Avid and non-Avid formats direct from the Pro Tools timeline, with no need for transcoding, using Avid and third party video hardware. More Advanced Metering Metering and compliance is a big deal for my clients nowadays. Pro Tools HD 11 includes new high resolution metering that helps compliance with new broadcast and delivery requirements like the CALM act. Pro Tools 11 vs. Pro Tools HD 11 The HD version of the software - Pro Tools HD 11 supports HDX and HD Native PCIe and thunderbolt systems. Support for HD Accel and earlier cards is now discontinued. Also contrary to many rumors the old blue 192 I/O continues to work with Pro Tools HD 11 with an HDX or Native core. This is great news for anyone who wants to upgrade but can't afford to replace all their I/O at once. Pro Tools HD 11's exclusive features are the new advanced metering, integration of video satellite LE, and of course the ability to use the low latency FGPA-powered mix engine in a Native or HDX system and the DSP offered by HDX. Shop Pro Tools 11 Software and Upgrades