Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • Rupert Neve Interview at Vintage King Los Angeles With Dave Pensado


    Dave Pensado of Pensado's Place sits down with one of the most important figures of the recording industry, the legendary Rupert Neve! As a developer of microphone preamplifiers, equalizers and large format mixing consoles that are cherished throughout the industry for their incredible sound and build quality, the name “Neve” is synonymous with good sound. Continue reading

  • Ryan Hewitt Announces Studio Prodigy Master Class Series


    On February 23, A-list engineer Ryan Hewitt will be rolling up his sleeves, pulling up a session, and passing along valuable insight about the mixing process. Vintage King is proud to sponsor the event, which is a part of the Studio Prodigy Master Class Series.

    This particular session could not be taking place in a better listening environment. Universal Mastering Studios is opening its doors, letting a small group of guests revel in their highly regarded Zero Reflection (ZR) acoustic space, crafted by Delta H Designs. Continue reading

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