Vintage King Los Angeles recently helped Truphonic Recording solve a gear challenge when they came looking for the perfect kick drum sound. Teaming together with Carl Dito and Jeff Leibovich, the Truphonic crew tested several condenser and ribbon microphones with actual kick drum tests. By far and away, the Truphonic team felt that the Bock iFet captured a warm presence on tracks that left a big impact. "Using the iFet has been a revelation in sound for me. It's been helping my kick drums "BOOM" since the moment I got it," Truphonic chief engineer Majeed Fick said. "It has quickly become a mainstay for every session, and at this price point good luck finding a better studio tool!" "David Bock is a genius. He has taken the legendary 47 Fet design to a whole new level," Truphonic Recording's Bruce Freshley stated. "With it’s dual voice and instrument topology, it’s huge on vocals and a myriad of other sources. We are proud owners of serial number 008 of the first 10 made. Thank you David for your incredible work and to Vintage King for bringing us all together!"