Built and opened by producer George Apsion in 2004, Kore Studios is a shining example of how great control room monitoring can be. Gaining a reputation of being a studio that truly honors the sound of your music, the studio is said to have an extremely transparent recording set-up. With a classic list of clients including Florence and the Machine, Plan B and Ronnie Wood, Kore has already been pumping out amazing records in its first eight years of existence. These artists have to come love the studio's API analog console that runs through a Pro Tools HD rig. The studio was honored two years ago with the title of "Best Studio" at the UK Music Producers Guild Awards 2010.
Kore continues to focus on providing its clients with a relaxed and creative environment, backed up by a superb collection of rare and esoteric recording equipment. Vintage King have been instrumental in helping to equip Kore to this standard, highlights of which includes: Mic Amps Microphones Compressors "Vintage King's service, enthusiasm and commitment to quality is second to none," Apsion writes. "They are always friendly and accommodating on the phone. You are never made to feel like just another sales receipt and the shipping / after-sales support is handled flawlessly."