One of our recent Tech Shop restorations is featured in the November issue of Electronic Musician! For the recording of the latest trio of records, the band dropped their Dalcon board from their studio, Jingletown Recording Studios, and picked up a Neve 8068 32-channel console from Vintage King. "I was drooling going to work every day on the Neve. The 8068 is a classic rock-and-roll desk. We used it for both tracking and monitoring straight into Pro Tools 10," Engineer Chris Dugan says of the console. "We used Neve 1073 preamps on the guitars, a Chandler LTD-1 for tracking vocals; bass went through the Neve 8068, and drums almost entirely through the Neve, but the kick drum went through the LTD-1 and snare went through a Vintech Audio X73." We'll have more on the Green Day 8068 restoration in coming weeks. Stay tuned!