We're really excited that Resolution Magazine has tapped us for a special multi-part series. Over the next few months, the magazine will be detailing how we run the VK Tech Shop and our views on preserving recording history. It's no secret that the sound, vibe, and legacy of classic gear fuels our fire. We're honored to share some of the tips and insight we've gained over our many, many years of using, restoring and honoring timeless equipment. As a part of the series, we're including bonus content here on our website — like this video of a Fairchild 670 compressor restoration. Read the article in the July/August issue of Resolution, then check out the video for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of our team, our methodology, and, of course, an exceptionally cool piece of gear.
At Vintage King, we're proud to have a full-service Tech Shop and a crew of techs with unbelievable expertise and dedication. No matter how big the project or how neglected the gear, we can do it — from on-site installations around the globe to full-on console modifications, patch bay configurations, and gear restorations like the one captured above. Over the past decades, we've established a reputation as a cut-no-corners shop, with meticulous processes, a lot of heart and trusted results. We'd love the opportunity to work on your gear. Click here to find out more about the services we offer.