Monthly Archives: July 2012

  • Gefell Brings Back The CMV 563 M7S.


    Vintage King is excited to announce that the Gefell CMV 563 M7S has just started shipping. If you're familiar with mic history, those letters and numbers are no coincidence. Gefell has officially returned to producing one of its most highly acclaimed microphones in the brand's history.

    The original 1956-born tube condenser mic features an interchangeable capsule system, making it a beyond-viable option for nearly any application. The storied mic-maker has successfully bridged its decades-long production gap by ensuring that the new and vintage capsules are seamlessly interchangeable. Continue reading

  • Producer's Corner with Sean McDonald


    Sean McDonald has produced records for indie faves like The Clarks, Grapevine, Carroway, and Mercury, but is best known for his work on the American Soundtrack and My Music series. These record setting PBS shows have grossed more than 80 million dollars. Continue reading

  • First Look: Vintage King's VKLA Showroom


    Vintage King was extremely honored to have the Pensado's Place crew come to our new pro audio store in Los Angeles. Jeff Ehrenberg, the store's manager and creator, gave a personal tour of the facilities including the showroom, critical listening room and the Infrasonic mastering studio. Continue reading

  • Producer's Corner with Kevin Augunas


    As a multi-talented producer, mixer, engineer, songwriter and musician, Kevin Augunas offers a dynamic depth and knowledge of equipment, production, and song crafting which has afforded him a freedom to capture the energy of a recording in a truly detailed, delicate approach. Continue reading

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