"This was one of the most unique installs I have been a part of, in my time at Vintage King," says Jeff Ehrenberg, head of Vintage King West Coast Sales. “Jeff O’Rourke needed a system that figuratively and literally combined the best of both worlds, analog and digital." The console O'Rourke and Vintage King decided on was custom console stand was built by Sterling Modular to seamlessly tie together an 82 input Tonelux Console and a Digidesign D-Command. The Sterling desk also housed a Martin Sound Flying Fader system. Configured and assembled at Vintage King’s Tech Shop in Detroit, the console was then shipped, plug and play, to Rourketown. "Rourketown has been a customer of Vintage King for years, stock piling outboard gear such as original Helios Type 69 modules. With the heart of the studio being replaced, it seemed like a good time to fill out the arsenal of outboard equipment," Ehrenberg states. "I set Jeff O’Rourke up with over a dozen demos of EQ and Dynamics. In addition to the already comprehensive selection of outboard gear, we added a pair of Retro 176s, two 500 series racks filled with Purple Actions and API 525s, a Neve 33609 J/D and a pair of Mercury EQ-H1."