The North Warehouse Media Group (NoWare) is a digital content studio specializing in sound design, composition, and training for audio related production. As a group of certified Pro Tools Expert Trainers, the media collective wanted to get their hands on a Pro Tools HD Native System and Avid HF 16 I/O converter as soon as possible. NoWare Media contacted Vintage King sales representative Alex Oana (who now resides in Los Angeles, but is originally from Minnesota himself) with the query. “NoWare Media partners Scott LeGere, Eric Olsen, and Joel Dodson are long time friends of mine,” says Oana. “Having just acquired a gorgeous Minneapolis warehouse district work space, they were taking their music and production collective to the next level and needed an affordable, yet powerful step up from the limited world of Pro Tools LE and Digi003. They took a leap of faith with Avid Pro Tools HD Native and the HD I/O and were blown away by the performance. Eric shares his ninja-level Avid certification teaching at one of the largest Avid training institutions in the country - IPR, also a client of mine. In light of his status, I arranged some special red-carpet treatment for Eric related to his Avid upgrade from 003 LE to HD Native.” Oana continues, “Partner Joel Dodson additionally purchased all of the audio equipment for the new multimedia production suites at Olson Co, the Midwest’s largest advertising agency, also named one of Inc’s fastest growing private companies, where he is director of audio and video production.” In addition to HD Native, NoWare media also purchased a Furman Headphone system. Dodson worked with Oana on the purchase of a BAE 11 space 500 series rack, Retro 176 Matched Pair, Antelope Audio Zodiac and M-Audio Sputnik tube mic. Integrating the gear into their setup quickly, the NoWare Media partners were particularly pleased with HD Native. "After a quick and painless installation, we heard the system come to life with an openness in the high end that sounded natural and rich, a wide and spacious stereo image, and a low end that felt tight and reassuring. After the first week of use, we believe that every session we called up sounded stronger, more defined, and had better balance across the listening field. Bottom line, this upgrade has become what you always hope any capital expenditure will be indispensable. We’re thrilled. Our work sounds better, our clients are more inspired, and we’re happier to come into the office.” For more information on NoWare media, visit