Keith Harter, owner of Keith Harter Music Studios, emphasizes not only the unparalleled, quality recording experience the studio provides for its clients but also the close-knit dynamic of this family business. It was only natural that Keith turned to Vintage King Audio when upgrading the facility’s Studio A earlier this year. Vintage King sales engineer Darrin Fendley first connected with Harter during his search for a great vocal compressor. After sending Harter a few units for demo, the two began discussing additional upgrades, from summing mixers to clocking systems. “Keith decided to take a very interesting approach to summing when he chose two summing mixers to use in tandem for his room, the Chandler Mini Mixer and Dangerous 2-Bus,” says Fendley. Working on projects for George Strait and Harry Connick Jr.,and doing filmwork on No Country For Old Men and Spiderman 3, Keith needed a mix system that allowed for extreme versatility.  "The Chandler provides room to really rock on recordings of all genres of music. Alternately, the Dangerous has a cleaner sound for their commercial work," Fendley states. "Having the necessary tools for the job gets you to the right decision faster with less trouble and that’s what Vintage King is here for.” In addition to the two summing mixers, Harter also consulted with Darrin on the purchase of both the Antelope Trinity Master Clock and Antelope 10M atomic to be used in conjunction with the studio’s Apogee converters. With the addition of the Trinity/10M combo, Harter notes that the studios’ sound has become even more focused and clear, cohesively bringing together the equipment he and Fendley decided upon. “We’re always striving to supply our clients with the highest quality experience available, from the best vintage microphones to cutting edge clocking systems or sometimes just really great tasting coffee in our lounge. In other words, we’re committed to incredible sounding audio with a fast workflow in a comfortable environment,” says Harter. “We’re a family business and we’re looking for a dealer that takes care of us the same way we take care of each other. Vintage King is committed to endorsing and selling the best gear anywhere and that falls in line with our mission. As long as there is new and exciting gear to experience, Vintage King is where the Keith Harter Music family will look first.”