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  • Steven Slate Talks New Slate Digital Plug-ins


    Once again, Slate Digital is changing the game by creating a next generation drum plug-in and virtual console collection. The Trigger Drum Replacer is extremely accurate offering a multi layered triggering engine for perfect drum sounds. With over 45 snares, 30 kicks and eight sets of toms, this plug-in is an essential pickup for your operating system.

    No matter how much digital influences the world of pro audio, people will still crave the sounds of yesterday. With the new Virtual Console Collection from Slate Digital, these two plug-ins will give you a virtual channel and mixbuss based on four classic consoles. Giving your DAW the ability to take on the sound of a classic analog mixing desk, the Virtual Console Collection will revolutionize your sound.

    Continue reading

  • Keith Harter Music Studios Work With Vintage King On New Mixing System


    Keith Harter, owner of Keith Harter Music Studios, emphasizes not only the unparalleled, quality recording experience the studio provides for its clients but also the close-knit dynamic of this family business. It was only natural that Keith turned to Vintage King Audio when upgrading the facility’s Studio A earlier this year.

    Vintage King sales engineer Darrin Fendley first connected with Harter during his search for a great vocal compressor. After sending Harter a few units for demo, the two began discussing additional upgrades, from summing mixers to clocking systems. Continue reading

  • Merlin Moon Studio: A Vintage Wonderland


    Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, musician Merlin Moon is an artist with a deep appreciation for vintage recording equipment and the rich sounds they encourage. Pizzorni first consulted with Mike Nehra and Vintage King Audio in 2004 on a pair of Neve 33102’s, Neve 2254e compressors and handful of additional outboard gear. As his studio grew, so did his gear list; Pizzorni began working with Vintage King’s Jeff Leibovich last year. Continue reading

  • The Lost Ark Studio Picks Up A SSL Matrix


    When Paul Cavanaugh and Scott Kennerly started looking to add outboard gear to an existing home studio, they turned to pro audio forums like Gearslutz and Tape Op for the most trusted and recommended source for gear.

    Vintage King Audio was at the top of that list and Cavanaugh and Kennerly quickly began working with Jeff Leibovich. It was right around this time that the partners also realized they were outgrowing their home studio so they set out to expand the Lost Ark’s location and gear list. Continue reading

  • NoWare Media Gets A Studio Makeover From Vintage King


    The North Warehouse Media Group (NoWare) is a digital content studio specializing in sound design, composition, and training for audio related production. As a group of certified Pro Tools Expert Trainers, the media collective wanted to get their hands on a Pro Tools HD Native System and Avid HF 16 I/O converter as soon as possible. NoWare Media contacted Vintage King sales representative Alex Oana (who now resides in Los Angeles, but is originally from Minnesota himself) with the query. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Introduces The Universal Audio Apolllo


    The Universal Audio Apollo interface is meant to be the center of your studio, as it brings the sound and feel of analog recording to digital music producers. Featuring fully functional connection to your DAW software, eight A/D and D/A convertors and a boatload of UA plugins. Continue reading

  • 513 Analog Recording Inc. Sees Major Expansion Via Vintage King


    513 Analog Recording Inc. is a locally owned and operated recording studio in Tempe, Arizona. Under the direction of owner Catherine Vericolli, the studio maintains an analog focus with the modern technologies (and convenience) of digital mixing and editing.

    In addition to the impressive list of outboard gear that 513 Analog acquired, Catherine specifically connected with Schneider for Pro Tools HD Native, which Vericolli and the rest of the 513 team are currently acquainting themselves with. Making the move from Pro Tools 7.4 to 9, the studio embarked on a total makeover. Continue reading

  • The Oberlin Conservatory of Music And Vintage King Team For Revamp


    The Oberlin Conservatory of Music began planning the construction of their state of the art Joseph R. Clonick Recording Studio over ten years ago, with acoustic consultant Dana Kierkegaard of Kierkegaard Acoustic Design at the helm. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Outfits Wilco's Loft With A Neve BCM-10


    Earlier this year, Vintage King Audio's Darrin Fendley worked with Grammy Award-winning band Wilco on the purchase of a new console. Thanks to some in-studio inspiration, finding the right fit for the band's lauded recording studio, The Wilco Loft, wasn't too complicated. Continue reading

  • Russian Recordings Brings Home a Vintage Speck Console


    Back in 2003, Mike Bridavsky started Russian Recording as a fairly small-scale operation housed in an A-frame style cabin in the woods of Brown County, Indiana. Five down the line, however, he decided that although the acoustics of the unique building were “very cool and gave a great overall sound”, he needed a bigger space that was closer to downtown Bloomington. He knew that along with this expansion would come a lot of new equipment, and luckily Mike knew exactly who to turn to. Continue reading

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