Vintage King relocated our technical, restoration and fulfillment departments into a new, 10,000 square foot facility in Ferndale, MI. We are also pleased to announce the official opening of our restoration department to the entire professional audio community, not just those who purchase gear from Vintage King directly. In addition to the legendary consoles and outboard gear that we both sell and restore, including the recent refurbished Neve 8078 console for the legendary Electric Lady Studios, we are now offering our Premium Restoration Service for personal gear (purchased elsewhere) as well. "Over the years we have relentlessly developed the quality of our tech department's work and grown to a current staff of over a dozen full time technicians who work on consoles, outboard gear and microphones we offer for sale to the public," says Vintage King Co-Owner Mike Nehra. "The result of our hard work has received world wide recognition for its quality, incredible attention to detail and unparalleled used gear warranty." Nehra continues, "Due to the nature of the services we provide, it's common for Vintage King to receive service and repair requests for gear that our customers already own. With this new building and organized space, we're proud to offer that service. We now have the room to perform outside repairs on outboard, microphones and consoles." In the past year, we have experienced a marked increase in restoration requests, creating a welcome need for expansion. Led by Rick Behrens, Manager of Used & Vintage Sales, our renowned tech department has refurbished and restored gear for the past 20 years with over 100 years combined experience. The location upgrade will provide the space necessary to keep up with increased client demand for restored vintage classics. "The added space of our new facility will allow the Vintage King tech department to organize the entire Premium Service operation for maximum efficiency," says Behrens. "We're already seeing it translate into reduced service times for vintage items and consoles - the Neve 8078 restoration for Electric Lady that we recently refurbished is a great example." "The tech department worked closely with the team at Electric Lady to bring the Neve back to its original luster in the time frame required. We completed a Premium Vintage King Service on the desk in about three and half months and installed the console in between sessions to keep downtime to a minimum. Our staff has always been conscientious of deadline, but the expanded space is an unbelievable asset when it comes to restoring these historical consoles thoroughly and efficiently." Expanding not just in size but also in service, we began accepting outside repairs for personal vintage gear earlier this year and are now offering our unparalleled warranty for any item restored or serviced in the Vintage King tech department. We will remain headquartered in Michigan while fulfilling orders for clients Internationally.