John McBride, owner of Blackbird Studios in Nashville, has worked with Mike Nehra at Vintage King to assist in finding some of the most exotic gear on the face of the earth, resulting in an unbelievable collection of equipment that all of us could only dream of having under one roof. The gear amassed at Blackbird includes over 15 ELA-M 251's, 12 U47s and several M50's. Housed in a state of the art structure, with an unparalleled tech staff, Blackbird Studios is truly run the way studios used to operate 30 years ago. Only John McBride has the heart and conviction to operate a business like this. Check out some of his favorite pieces of gear below and find out how you can get the classic sounds achieved at Blackbird.

Gear Favorites

1. RFT 7151 bottle mic with Tracy Korby modifications 2. EMI Mastering Equalizers 3. Fairchild 660s and 670s 4. Telefunken V76 Mic Pre's 5. Neve 8078 Console 6. SPL Transient Designers 7. Chandler Ltd. Curvebender 8. Universal Audio 1176 9. GML 8200 or 9500 Equalizers 10. All the other vintage mic's - Telefunken 251s, U47s, C12s, U67s, M50s