Philippe Weiss is a Swiss-born, Paris-based, mixing engineer/producer, whose work sees him exploring all types of genre from Jazz to Electronica. Having worked with varied artists such as Charles Aznavour, Wyclef Jean, Bounty Killer and the Beastie Boys, much of his work keeps him close to his home in Europe. Phil is typically called upon for radio and club-friendly sound that clients crave. "I am a bit of gear fanatic," Weiss says. "Most of my gear gets used on every mix I do!" Check out this list of current gear that Phil has been using lately and discover why he loves throwing them in the mix: The Desk "SSL 4000G+. Yes I am a real SSL guy. (hmm... I shouldn't say that because I love the 4K NOT the 9K....But hey, that's taste...) Yes the desk is missing a bit of low end. Same for the high end....but hey as far as you know can compensate this with some..." Outboard "I am always looking to improve 2 things on my mixes: The vocal and the low end. Both are part of my 'quest' !! Lately my vocal chain was: Mutlitrack return --->Martek MSS-10 (line)--->ISA 85110---> Neve 33609---> Avalon E55 ---> DBX 160SL ---> Insert return of the SSL channel. Low End "Kick/Bass have a very good chance to go through my Pultec's and some DBX 160 compressor, sometimes 165A. Drums...hmm.....Neve 1073s? I especially like to "push" the line gain and bring down the fader on my rack before coming back to my SSL channel for my snare. Master Buss "Pultec EQP1A3, Focusrite 315, fader from Inward Connections (custom work). It's just a dream. Michael Angelo (Music Palace) rebuilt my Focusrite Red 3 and it sounds so good!! Here are some effects and box I am using in EVERY mix I do: • Dimension D: I just LOVE this box. I am going to buy a second one in case. I'm always using that on bass, drums, vocals and everywhere, I love it. • Ensoniq DP4+: I love the weird fx I get. Reverb is good. • EMT 246: I just love it on bass with a short EMT250 program. • Lexicon 480L: Classic verb. Usually using Fat Plate (crossovers are very important on this one), and Music Club. • Princeton 2016: Re-issue of the classic 2016. I'm always EQ'ing my reverb send. Always. That helps me to "shape" and "tune" the reverb the way I want them to cut through the mix." Need to know more about Phil's gear? Check out this list of Weiss' top ten favorite pieces of studio equipment all time: 1. SSL 4000G/G+ Amazing desk. Not the most "neutral" or "musical", but it does the job very well. 2. Pultec EQP1A3/EQH-2 Nothing beats them...even without eq. Just running trough the transformer and tubes...just a wonder. Michael Angelo (Music Palace) "tuned" mine. They are rocking!!! (thanks Michael!!) 3. Neve 1073 Hard to describe. I LOVE to saturate them a bit on line level. 4. Inward Connections Vac Rac TSL3 Nothing to say... Same as everyone is saying about those. 5. Focusrite 85110 One of the best eq's I've found to "cut" some mid's in the vocal without hearing too much artifacts 6. Monitors Barefoot MicroMain27. Proac Studio100. Auratone. 7. EAR660 Plug it on bass and it just sounds so "BIG." 8. Roland Dimension D Already described above... 9. Ensoniq DP4+ Amazing patches and a very inexpensive box. 10. Avalon E55 Very nice EQ. I'm ONLY TALKING E55 here. It has nothing to do with the 20 Series.