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  • Producer's Corner with Steve Kravac


    Steve Kravac has been producing, engineering, mixing and composing independent and major label recordings for the past 25 years. Starting in the wilds of the Canadian North, he got involved with punk rock acts such as The Nils, Doughboys and Asexuals.

    Making the move to Los Angeles in 1994 to take a position as house engineer at the prestigious Westbeach Recorders in Hollywood, Steve immediately started racking up high profile clients. Yet, it wasn't long before Steve left Westbeach to go indie, and began working with artists like Blink 182, MXPX, Less Than Jake, and Pepper. Continue reading

  • Producer's Corner with Philippe Weiss


    Philippe Weiss is a Swiss-born, Paris-based, mixing engineer/producer, whose work sees him exploring all types of genre from Jazz to Electronica. Having worked with varied artists such as Charles Aznavour, Wyclef Jean, Bounty Killer and the Beastie Boys, much of his work keeps him close to his home in Europe. Continue reading

  • Producer's Corner with Evan Taubenfeld


    If you’ve listened to Avril Lavigne’s multi-platinum albums, you’re already familiar with the musical talent of Evan Taubenfeld. The Baltimore native was Lavigne’s musical director and lead guitarist from 2001 to 2004. He co-wrote several tracks on her last few albums, including the Gold single “Don’t Tell Me” from Under My Skin, “Hot” from The Best Damn Thing, and toured the world with her in support of her 6x-platinum debut, Let Go. Continue reading

  • Producer's Corner with Ryan Hewitt


    “My philosophy is that the song informs my methods of recording and mixing, and dictates the sounds we capture in the process," says producer Ryan Hewitt. "I want to be known as a chameleon, working on music that inspires me to try different palettes in order to paint an appropriate sonic picture for the artist’s song.” Continue reading

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