Composer, arranger and music producer Jean-Marie Riachi established his own JMR Audio Productions in Rabieh and then went on to create the first publishing company in the Middle East. In addition, he created Oreole Records, the first label in the region to solely produce instrumental albums. Jean-Marie has produced a significant series of hits for leading stars like Majida Al Roumy, Jose Carreras, Yousoun Ndour, Elissa, Nawal Al Zoughbi, Assi Hellani, Ramy Ay-ach, Haifa Wehbeh, Ragheb Alameh, Latifa, Carole Samaha and many more. He has also produced several soundtracks, among them the documentary movie Les Cendres du Phoenix and the theme song, ‘Nour El Shams’ by Pascale Machaalany for the blockbuster Hollywood movie Spy Game. Throughout his award winning career, including multiple World Music Awards, Jean-Marie Riachi has worked on some impressive gear. Here are ten of his favorite pieces of studio equipment that he has used over the years:

Gear Favorites

1. 1095 Neve My best preamp ever, just sounds great on everything. 2. Retro Instruments 176 What a great tool on vocals. 3. API 2500 One of my best compressors, on drums, percussion. And on my mix bus, very serious gear. 4. Drawmer S3 This a magical piece of gear, especially when I use it on bad quality recordings. 5. Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor I got this compressor to use it in my mastering room, I tried it once on my master bus.... I couldn't take it out till now! 6. Weiss ADC2 This is My CONVERTER. 7. SPL Vitalizer I like machines that change my sounds. This is a great sound processor. 8. Telefunken U 47 No mic can compete with this, especially for the Loud sources. 9. Tube-Tech CL1B Great compressor for vocals and bass. 10. CharterOak SCL1 I think this is a very unique piece of gear. It's great on loud signals and you will never hear the pumping effect of usual compressors.