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Positive Grid BIAS Soundsoap Pro 2 – No Longer Available

Multi-faceted pro audio restoration for digital audio & video (Mac/PC)
MFR# 667-100-008-949

Product Description

Bias SoundSoap Pro 2 is an advanced noise reduction and audio restoration plug-in that's powerful enough for demanding audio professionals, yet easy enough for anyone to use.

SoundSoap Pro's unique and comprehensive approach combines hum, rumble, click, crackle, and broadband noise reduction tools with a sophisticated noise gate, in a single intuitive user interface.

Unlike other audio restoration tools, this streamlined, tab-based interface guides the user through the various tools in a way that yields the best results in the least amount of time.

Hum & Rumble Removal For Low-Frequency Problems
Even the faintest hum or rumble can ruin an otherwise perfect instrumental solo or irreplaceable dialog performance. Need to remove 60 Hz hum, 50 Hz hum, anything in between, or anything a lot lower?  This tool gives you complete control over Q (filter width), depth, frequency, and harmonics.  And in case you don't trust your ears, we've included a handy hum meter as your guide.

The type of noise known as "hum" is typically composed of a fundamental frequency (such as 60 Hz) and its harmonics, and is often associated with audio equipment being used on faulty electrical circuts, or equipment that is not properly grounded.  Rumble is a similar type of noise to hum — but typically occurs at lower frequencies, usually at around 40 Hz or below.

SoundSoap Pro's Hum & Rumble tool effectively eliminates buzzing and hum from RFI, EMI and other sources.  It operates from 20 - 500 Hz w/Q (Hum and Rumble), up to nine harmonics (Hum), and reduces low-frequency and subsonic rumble.

Click & Crackle Reduction Cleans Up Vinyl & Tape
Ideal for serious vinyl noise, static-induced pops, cable connection crackles, or practically any brief and annoying transient, SoundSoap Pro's Click & Crackle tool delivers.

A streamlined set of controls — Sensitivity and Threshold — provide instant, effective relief, while you monitor your work visually (via the spectrogram) and audibly (using the A/B/C/D Compare and Noise Only options).

The Click & Crackle tool is ideal for digital transfers of vinyl records, it also is a great problem solver for pops and other brief, transient problems.

The Most Flexible Broadband Noise Reduction Available
SoundSoap Pro's Broadband noise reduction tool is amazingly simple and powerful.  It provides deep, sonically transparent elimination or suppression of tape hiss, tire noise, wind, HVAC noise, fluorescent lighting noise and other continuous broadband problems.  It operates across 512 distinct audio bands (controlled by twelve Threshold and Reduction Sliders with grouping capability), featuring attack, release, and tilt knobs for greater control.

Version 2 adds super-intelligent Adaptive noise reduction, extending SoundSoap Pro's flexibility and real-time noise profiling methods to include; automatic Adaptive, semi-automatic Adaptive Extraction, Snapshot Learn, or Timed Learn.

With Adaptive noise reduction, you can literally turn on the Broadband tool, and hear unwanted noise fade away — automatically. Unlike "static" noise profile based solutions, SoundSoap Pro 2's adaptive noise reduction is ideal for reducing broadband noise that changes over time.  Adaptive noise profile extraction is also included — perfect for cleaning up recordings that don't have a suitable area in which to "Learn" the noise. Once a noise profile is created, SoundSoap Pro's advanced DSP features instantly determine the optimal noise reduction settings.

Make a Final Pass With SoundSoap Pro's Noise Gate
As SoundSoap Pro's last restoration stage, this fully integrated Noise Gate puts a final polish on your project.  Threshold, Attack, and Release controls — accompanied by an impressively useful waveform display — let you easily eliminate whatever noise may still be present between the desired content. The display can even be frozen in time — so you can continue making adjustments at a desired location without stopping audio playback.

The Noise Gate effectively silences noise that falls between desired program material; also useful for creating a variety of extreme special effects.

The Noise Gate's intuitive visual display shows the audio waveform being processed, as well as the noise gate's threshold indicators, while additional Threshold, Reduction, Attack, and Release controls offer full control over Noise Gate functions.

Product Specifications

Condition New
Software Delivery Retail Box
iLok Required No
Plug-in Type Noise Reduction / Restoration
Plug-In Format RTAS, AU, VST
Operating System Mac, Windows

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