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Audix Studio Elite 8

A compelling array of eight microphones that will suit a wide variety of needs for critical recording applications
Audix Studio Elite 8


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The Audix Studio Elite 8 drum pack is a premium ensemble of microphones designed to mic a five-piece kit with accuracy and fine control. Kick, snare, rack toms and floor tom mics feature Audix VLMTM capsule technology for natural and precise sound reproduction in high SPL applications. A dedicated hi-hat mic and overhead mics capture complex timbres and wide dynamic ranges. Included are DVICE rim mounts eliminating the need for bulky mic stands.

Close Miking

The D6 for kick drum and the i5 for snare are considered must-haves for everydrummer. The kick and snare are considered the core of any drum kit and thefoundation for every groove. Close miking insures that they will be captured in themix. Being high SPL dynamic microphones, the D6, i5, D2 and D4 excel at “close miking”.This miking technique is required in order to capture the attack and percussivesound of the drum. By having the mic close to the source of the sound, it helps toisolate and control the sound of each drum.

Overhead Miking (Ambient)

Supporting the idea that “less is more”, many engineers will use just two overheadmics to capture the natural sound of the complete drum kit. With two overheadmics, positioned correctly, it is absolutely true that you can capture the transients,tonality and balance of the kit in a completely phase-coherent manner. The SCX1condenser microphone with a 21mm gold sputtered diaphragm, is designed withoverhead applications in mind. Due to its cardioid pickup pattern, high sensitivityand pencil design, the two SCX25A “lollipop” mics can be easily positioned overhead toprovide a nice stereo image of the entire drum kit.

The Blend

With contemporary music and with the volumes typically generated on stage, it ismore practical and effective to create a blended effect of close miking and stereoimage of the entire kit from overhead. The D6 will help provide the earthshakinglows and the attack of the kick; the i5 will reinforce the depth and crack of the snare;the D2 and D4 capture the attack and decay of rack and floor toms; the SCX1HC isthe quintessential microphone for hi-hat. With the SCX25A for overheads, drums willmaintain their sound integrity and critical presence for both stage and studio regardlessof the size of the room or PA system.


  • Professional set of 8 drum mics for stage or studio
  • Complete solution for a 5 piece kit
  • Includes all mounting clips and rugged aluminum road case

Additional Information

Condition New
Package Contents Includes one i5 Snare Mic, two D2 Mics, one D4 Mic, one D6 Kick Mic, two SCX25A Overhead Mics, one SCX1HC Hi-Hat Mic, aluminum case, four DVICE spring loaded rim mount clamp, four DCLIP heavy duty mic clip provided with D& SCX Series, one MC1 nylon mic cl
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