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Audiolinear Axis Passive Desktop Monitor Controller

Zero-compromise passive desktop monitoring controller designed and built by hand in England

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Product Description

The Audiolinear Axis is a high-end desktop monitor controller that is 100% passive in design. With zero active electronics, the AXIS ensures the most transparent signal path possible without any worry of signal interference or distortion in the monitor path.

The main monitor control dial is a Swiss made, ultra high quality 24 step attenuator that is 64 mm in diameter. From 0 to -30 dB, the attenuator moves in 2 dB steps. From -30 to -65 dB the attenuator adjusts in 5 dB intervals.

Each of the three speaker outputs have dedicated trim control pots on the top panel which allow you to perfectly match the level on each pair of reference monitors. Each control contains a high-quality, smooth turn potentiometer made by ALPS ranging from to -20 dB.

The dual TRS/TS connections allow for seamless integration between the AXIS