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Tyler Lind

Tyler Lind

Audio Consultant

Detroit, MI

Call/Text: 248.556.4608

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For Tyler Lind, creating music is like conducting a scientific experiment. You start with a theme, create a hypothesis, and then try anything possible to reach your conclusion.

"I typically start with a theme or idea I am attempting to recreate sonically," Tyler says. "When you follow a line of thought to try something new and it ends up working well it can be really inspiring, especially if it was a time-consuming experiment."

This fascination with sonic experimentation dates back to Tyler's youth when he would go to his friend's house. In the basement, his friend's father had a practice and recording space where the two would begin working on their own music. While the gear might be rudimentary by today's standards, it provided a lifetime of inspiration for Tyler.

As for what's inspiring Tyler these days, he looks to producers working in the electronic dub techno style like Moritz von Oswald, Mark Ernestus, Rod Modell, Steve O'Sullivan and Sven Schienhammer. There is one particular record though that he points to as the perfect piece of production.

"Basic Channel's Q 1.1 was the start of a new sound. Both dense and floaty. The spacing, panning and power behind their mixes were unprecedented at the time," Tyler states. "These are two artists who are not afraid to experiment with uncanny recording techniques. They are quite secretive of their process and have shared very little over the years, but all you have to do is listen to this timeless record to hear its unique sonic imprint."

If you're interested in replicating the latest dub techno techniques or just want to find the right piece of gear for your studio, Tyler can certainly help you achieve your own unique sonic imprint.

Q & A

What piece of gear changed how people work the most?
That would have to be DAWs. Anyone with a computer, tablet, or even a phone can quickly and easily record, manipulate, and process entire tracks.

What is your current favorite piece of gear?
That's a hard one. Due to the washed-out dubby sounds I have become captivated by, I would have to say the Echo Fix EF-X2 Tape Echo. All of the lovely, wondrous sounds bouncing around on tape without as much of the needed upkeep as in the older models.

What else are you interested in, besides music?
Besides music I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, art, and reading. I plan to make the trek up to Copper Harbor this upcoming summer for the best mountain biking trails in the state.

What's something interesting that we might not know about you?
I haven't worn denim jeans or a watch since middle school.

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