Troy Manning

Troy Manning

Audio Consultant

Los Angeles, CA

818.237.9181 x192

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From interning at a small local studio during high school to attending Full Sail, Troy Manning got started early in the world of pro audio. The North Carolina native cut his teeth working in the Atlanta music scene before taking on more technical jobs at several studios. This line of work eventually led to Troy’s first job in audio sales.

In the time since, Troy has acquired years of pro audio industry experience working at dealers on both coasts, in addition to spending time connecting retailers with global brands at a large pro audio distributor. All of these experiences help Troy create long-term relationships with his clientele, as he is able to provide outstanding service quickly and professionally.

Troy’s knowledge base is flexible, having spent more than a decade based in Burbank serving much of the post-production community in LA. Yet, his musical background makes him a great resource for musicians and recording engineers as well.

"I've been fortunate enough over the years to meet most of my musical heroes, but my favorite part is getting to help them with creative ideas and making their projects come to fruition," Manning states. “Working at Vintage King has given me more opportunities to help my clients fulfill their creative visions.”

When Troy isn't working at Vintage King Los Angeles, he's having a blast raising his daughter and spending time with his family. Currently, there are many Lego projects lined up and he has been having to remind his daughter that Darth Vader is a bad guy, not a good guy.

Q & A

What is the most important piece of recording or production advice you've ever received?
[When engineering:] "Work fast and work quietly."

What's something interesting that we might not know about you?
I've thrown first pitch at a sold out Dodgers Game dressed as Boba Fett.

What piece of gear changed how people work the most?
Wax cylinder? Magnetic tape? DAW? We will need some beer for this discussion...


  • What I need is a guy who is a friend, colleague, someone who listens, and someone who delivers. It’s that simple, I don’t ask for much, but Troy and I have worked together for 10+ years now. He acts with integrity, and he simply is one of the best.

    Jim Leber, Senior Director, Technical Operations, Nickelodeon

  • As a film composer, my projects are always creating new hardware/software demands. Budgets vary and always create issues that need viable solutions. This is where Troy Manning came to our rescue. Troy has not only provided my team with the necessary provisions needed to execute my productions but a level of customer service and knowledge expertise that I could never receive outside of VK. Troy has consistently been on top of tight deadlines and seriously perplexing issues that my team has encountered. I recommend Troy to the highest degree as he has not only retained my business but, my business for life. Thanks again Troy!

    Jeremy V. Medicina, Film Composer/Producer

  • Troy has the perfect balance of excellent product knowledge, useful guidance, and cut-to-the-chase competitive pricing.


  • Troy kept me sane through the entire end-to-end console and equipment acquisition, delivery and installation process – starting with his informed, no pressure guidance through the decision-making process for my SSL console and related equipment.

    He managed the multi-phase shipping schedule, orchestrated expert patchbay design and wiring by Cedric Yee, VK Technical Services Manager, and arranged SSL VP Tech Ops Phill Scholes for my cable & patchbay wiring/management, AWS console commissioning, testing and training.

    Troy also coordinated and mobilized his VK team resources as well as enlisting Will at Burl Audio to troubleshoot and resolve the few equipment problems that arose onsite.

    I was continually reassured by Troy’s care and attention to all details. He got it right every time. His service is world-class, as was the team he assembled to take care of my studio, my needs and concerns.


  • Troy is the only person I’ll buy pro audio gear from, period. He’s a great VK rep, a great person, and is also very good at Legos.

    Mark “Exit” Goodchild