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Sean Conkling

Sean Conkling

Audio Consultant

Los Angeles, CA

213.984.4000 x220

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Hailing originally from Virginia, Sean Conkling took on his love music from his parents, both of whom were musicians. Through this shared interest, he would also become a musician himself, one who would start dabbling in recording after a having a sour experience with an engineer during a session for his band.

"A band I was in at age 15 was treated very poorly by an engineer we were working with," Sean says. "I never wanted to be treated like that ever again, so I decided to learn how to do it myself."

Sean would go on to a learn an immense amount of recording knowledge through years of studio work, performing as a touring musician and FOH engineer. He would apply his skills towards working as a studio designer, technician and Pro Tools tech in a number of different studios. In addition, he also became involved in teaching the recording arts himself at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona.

"From 2003 through 2018, I worked at CRAS in Arizona and was able to help a new generation of engineers learn their trade," Sean states. "During that time, I helped educate over 10,000 people through writing educational materials and hands-on training."

When it comes to his own listening habits, Sean isn't afraid to listen to music that is more experimental. He prefers the avant-garde sounds of Public Image Limited, Sunn O))) and John Zorn. However, when it comes to recording, he's just looking for the next project that will inspire him in a completely new way.

"It’s all about that moment your recording and the hair on your arm stands up when something special and amazing is happening," says Sean.

If you're looking for something that will make the hair on your arm stand up, be sure to contact Sean Conkling and he will be sure to help you out with the sounds in your own studio.

Q & A

What is your favorite piece of gear?
The SSL E series buss compressor. It adds so much energy and weight to the mix.

What piece of gear changed how people work the most?
That's a tough one. I could say the Neve 1073, I could say the NS10, I could say Pro Tools. Truthfully, it's the Empirical Labs Distressor.

What's something interesting that people might not know about you?
I was bass drum player for a Fife and Drum company at age 11.