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Scott Kendall

Scott Kendall

Audio Consultant

Detroit, MI

Call/Text: 248.564.1498

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Who knew that MTV would change a generation and create a new legion of music makers? Perhaps anyone watching Scott Kendall as a kid would have. Thanks to the bright glow of the music television channel, he became obsessed and picked up an instrument for the first time.

Scott came of age in the Ann Arbor, Michigan music scene, playing in groups like the Saline Fiddlers and Fallow Land. The latter band led to one of Scott's favorite music experiences as the band decamped to Seattle to record their album with Matt Bayles at Studio Litho.

"Finally hearing the finished product always brings a smile to my face," Scott says. "After spending countless hours writing and rehearsing the material, when I actually got to hear it mixed well, it was the greatest feeling."

As one of Vintage King's Audio Consultants, Scott brings his passion for making music to his customers. He ensures that each and every one of them has their audio needs met to the nth degree.

Q & A

What piece of gear changed how people work the most?
I think Pro Tools changed the way people record and made it possible for the hobbyist to make high-quality recordings at home.

What record do you point to as an example of perfect music production? Why?
I really love Bjork's records from the 1990s like Post and Homogenic. I remember hearing them when I was in high school and being blown away by the massive sounds of songs like "Hyperballad" and "Joga."

What else are you interested in, besides music?
I also love movies, podcasts, stand-up comedy, and snowboarding.